NXV Series

The machining centres of the YCM NXV series offer high precision, high performance and high speed machining at an affordable price

YCM IDD spindle
Spindle cooling system efficiently removes heat and minimises thermal deformation.
Ceramic bearings feature low inertia mass, low centrifugal force, high rigidity and low coefficient of thermal deformation.  
High precision helical springs offer high dynamic balance and low vibration.
Tool unclamping cushion extends spindle bearing life by protecting spindle bearing from tool unclamping force.  

High rigidity design
FEM analysis is adopted to ensure the best mass arrangement and rib construction of the machine for constant stability under the intensive load of heavy cutting.
The extremely rigid body construction makes for uncompromising precision and rigidity.

3 axis direct drive design
All axial AC servo motors are equipped with absolute positioning encoders.
Direct drive technology ensures zero backlash whilst providing the best accuracy, reliability and stability possible.